DJ Godalone

dj-godaloneAn ‘all round’ DJ, namely DJ Godalone. I believe in being just ‘me’ and believing in
the Most High Alone hence my name ‘Godalone’. Playing music started at an early age growing up in Jamaica and being influenced by great reggae artists as well as
listening to the ‘old time religious’ gospel music.

Dynamic in character, energetic by nature and profound to keep you dancing through the airwaves, with my variety in musical vibrations. Playing music on the radio is a passion guaranteed to wake you up and soothe you down.

My catch phrase whenever you hear me ‘Set it, and Leff it’!! You know I’m bound to keep you locked. Music is the key to any situation and being on Real Love Radio does just that.

Interests: Apart from playing music am a culinary delight in the kitchen and ‘cooking up a storm’ with the BBQ pan! Famous for my jerk chicken, fish you name it. Also gardening is another skill which helps me relax just to be in the open environment.

“A Wha Me Seh!” BLESS

Friday : 18:0021:00

Saturday : 20:0022:00

Sunday : 14:0018:00  “Rice ‘n’ Peas”